Вэлшин Таңһч

Вэлшин Таңһч
Уран'Cymru am byth'
(English: "Wales forever")
Частр"Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau"
(English: "Land of my fathers")
 Вэлшин Таңһчин һазр орм  (inset – orange)
in the United Kingdom (camel)

in the European continent  (white)

Хотол Балһсан
(Аһу Ик Балһсан бас)
Cardiff, Caerdydd
51°29′N 3°11′W / 51.483°N 3.183°W / 51.483; -3.183
National languages Welsh (indigenous), English (most widely used)
Улусин нерн Welsh, Cymry
Залвр Devolved Government in a Constitutional monarchy
 -  Monarch Elizabeth II
 -  First Minister of Wales (Head of Welsh Assembly Government) Carwyn Jones AM
 -  Deputy First Minister for Wales Ieuan Wyn Jones AM
 -  Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron MP
 -  Secretary of State (in the UK government) Cheryl Gillan MP
Legislature UK Parliament
National Assembly for Wales
 -  by Gruffydd ap Llywelyn[1] 1056 
 -  Бүклдән 20,779 km2 
8,022 sq mi 
Олн улус
 -  2009 estimate 2,999,3001 
 -  2001 census 2,903,085 
 -  Олн улусин нигитнь 140/km2 
361/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2006 (for national statistics) estimate
 -  Total US$85.4 billion 
 -  Per capita US$30,546 
Currency Pound sterling (GBP)
Цагин бус GMT (UTC0)
 -  Summer (DST) BST (UTC+1)
ТЛД .uk2
Calling code 44
Patron saint David, Dewi
1 Office for National Statistics – Population estimates for UK, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - current datasets
2 Also .eu, as part of the European Union. ISO 3166-1 is GB, but .gb is unused.


  1. A History of Wales, ISBN: 0-14-01-4581-8