Невада: различия между версиями

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көдлвр немв: iu:ᓂᕚᑖ/nivaataa; косметические изменения
б (r2.7.1) (көдлвр сольв: nl:Nevada (staat))
б (көдлвр немв: iu:ᓂᕚᑖ/nivaataa; косметические изменения)
|Seal = Nevada state seal.png
|Map = Map_of_USA_NV.svg
|Nickname = Silver State (official);<br />Sagebrush State; Battle Born State
|Demonym = Nevadan
|Motto = All For Our Country
|Governor = [[Jim Gibbons (United States politician)|Jim Gibbons]] ([[Republican Party (United States)|R]])
|Lieutenant Governor = [[Brian Krolicki]] ([[Republican Party (United States)|R]])
|Senators = [[Harry Reid]] ([[Democratic Party (United States)|D]])<br />[[John Ensign]] ([[Republican Party (United States)|R]])
|Representative= [[Nevada's 1st congressional district|1]]: [[Shelley Berkley]] ([[Democratic Party (United States)|D]])<br />[[Nevada's 2nd congressional district|2]]: [[Dean Heller]] ([[Republican Party (United States)|R]])<br />[[Nevada's 3rd congressional district|3]]: [[Dina Titus]] ([[Democratic Party (United States)|D]])
|PostalAbbreviation = NV
|TradAbbreviation = Nev.
|OfficialLang = '''[[De jure]]''': None <br />'''[[De facto]]''': [[English language|English]]
|AreaRank = 7th
|TotalAreaUS = 110,567
|PCWater =
|PopRank = 35<sup>th</sup>
|2000Pop = 2,643,085 (2009 est.)<ref name=09CenEst>{{cite web | title = Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for the United States, Regions, States, and Puerto Rico: April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2009 | publisher = United States Census Bureau | accessdate = 2010-01-31 | url = http://www.census.gov/popest/states/tables/NST-EST2009-01.csv}}</ref> <br /> 1,998,257 (2000)
|DensityRank = 42<sup>nd</sup>
|2000DensityUS = 23.4
|TimeZone2 = [[Mountain Time Zone|Mountain]]: [[UTC-7]]/[[UTC-6|-6]] ([[Daylight saving time|DST]])
|TZ2Where = [[West Wendover]]
|Longitude = 114°&#8202;2′ 2′ W to 120° W
|Latitude = 35° N to 42° N
|WidthUS = 322
|LengthUS = 490
|Length = 788
|HighestPoint = [[Boundary Peak (Nevada)|Boundary Peak]] or<br />[[Wheeler Peak (Nevada)|Wheeler Peak]]<ref>The distinction of highest point in Nevada goes to the summit of Boundary Peak, so named because it is very near the Nevada-California border, at the northern terminus of the White Mountains. However, Boundary Peak can be considered a subsidiary summit of Montgomery Peak, whose summit is in California, since the topographic prominence of Boundary Peak is only 253 feet (77 m), which falls under the often used 300 foot cutoff for an independent peak. Also, Boundary Peak is less than 1 mile (1.6 km) away from its higher neighbor. Hence Boundary Peak can be described as not being wholly within Nevada. By contrast, the prominence of Wheeler Peak, 13,063 ft, is quite large and in fact it is the twelfth largest in the contiguous United States. Wheeler Peak is the highest point in a radius of more than 200 miles (320 km) and is entirely within the state of Nevada.</ref><small><ref name=usgs>{{cite web| date =April 29, 2005 | url =http://erg.usgs.gov/isb/pubs/booklets/elvadist/elvadist.html#Highest| title =Elevations and Distances in the United States| publisher =U.S Geological Survey| dateformat = mdy | accessdate = November 6, 2006}}</ref></small>
|HighestElevUS = 13,147 ft (4,005 m)<br />13,065
|HighestElev = 3,982
|MeanElevUS = 5,499
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