Польшин Орн: различия между версиями

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|leader_title2 = [[Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland|Хуралин Баш]]
|leader_name1 = <small>[[Анджей Дуда]]</small>
|leader_name2 = [[Беата:en:Mateusz ШидлоMorawiecki|Матэвуш Моравецки]]
|accessionEUdate = 1 May 2004
|EUseats = 54
|footnotes = <sup>1</sup> See, however, [[Unofficial mottos of Poland]].<br /><sup>2</sup> Although not [[official language]]s, [[Belarusian language|Belarusian]], [[Kashubian language|Kashubian]], [[Lithuanian language|Lithuanian]] and [[German language|German]] are used in [[Bilingual communes in Poland|20 communal offices]].<br /><sup>3</sup> The area of Poland according to the administrative division, as given by the Central Statistical Office, is {{convert|312679|km2|sqmi|lk=out|abbr=on}} of which {{convert|311888|km2|sqmi|lk=out|abbr=on}} is land area and {{convert|791|km2|sqmi|lk=out|abbr=on}} is internal water surface area.<ref name="CSO_2008"/><br /><sup>4</sup> The adoption of [[Christianity]] in Poland is seen by many Poles, regardless of their religious affiliation or lack thereof, as one of the most significant national historical events; the new religion was used to unify the tribes in the region.<!--See http://books.google.com/books?id=39SoSG4NGAoC&pg=PA77&lpg=PA77&dq=poland's+millennium&sig=uQ-qK9oxqMuHmVvZJj8lszrm1 ps-->
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