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б Johannes Heesters» халхас «Йоханнес Хистерс» халхд көндв)
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'''Йоханнес Хистерс''' ([[Бар сарин 5]] өдрт төрсн, [[1903]] җил) [[Недерлендин Нутг|недерлендин]] җөҗлгч-дууч.
{{Infobox Person
| name = Johannes Heesters
| image = Johannes Heesters.jpg
| caption = Heesters in March 2006
| birth_date = {{birth date and age|1903|12|5}}
| birth_place = [[Amersfoort]], [[Netherlands]]
| job = [[Singer]] and [[actor]]
| yearsactive = 1917–present
| salary =
| networth = $65,000,000
| spouse = [[Simone Rethel]] (1991)
| website = [http://www.johannes-heesters.de www.johannes-heesters.de]
| footnotes = Won 19 Bambi-awards
'''Johannes Heesters''' (born [[December 5]], [[1903]]) is a [[the Netherlands|Dutch]] [[actor]], [[singer]], and [[entertainer]].
[[File:Young Heesters.png|200px|left|thumb|HeestersХистерс atарвн sixteenзурһан inнаста 1919бәәдг]]
Хойр дәкҗ мордсн бәәҗ: 1930-1985 җилмүдт Луиз Гиҗс җөҗлгчтә болн 1991 җиләс Симон Ретелтә. Хойр күүктә негдгч гергәс, тавн ачта.
He has worked for 91 years, and has almost always worked in [[German language|German-speaking]] places. As of April 2011, Heesters is the oldest working person in entertainment. Some people have had problems with Heesters because he once sung for [[Adolf Hitler]].<ref>{{cite web
|url = http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/anger-at-concert-by-hitler-singer-104-783550.html
|title = Anger at concert by Hitler singer, 104
|accessdate = 2008-07-28
|last = Ellicott
|first = Claire
|date = [[February 18]], [[2008]]
|publisher = [[The Independent]]}}</ref>
Heesters was married twice: from 1930-1985 with Belgian actress Louise Ghijs ([[1906]]) and from 1991-present with [[Simone Rethel]]. Heesters has two daughters from his first marriage aswell as five grandchildren, eleven great-grandchildren, twenty-five great-greatgrandchildren and one great-great-greatgrandson as of 2011.
==References Заалһ ==
*[http://www.johannes-heesters.de/ OfficialВеб websiteормт] (inНемшин Germanкеләр)
==Other websites==
*{{imdb name|id=0373535|name=Johannes Heesters}}
*[http://www.johannes-heesters.de/ Official website] (in German)
*[http://film.virtual-history.com/person.php?personid=1202 Postcards and tobacco cards]
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